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Co-founders and Owners of JT Hair Studio LLC

Jewel and Teresa co-founded JT Hair Studio LLC in November 2021 and officially built the salon you see now in 2022. In 2021 when they decided to open their own salon they wanted to create a unique environment that was comfortable, inviting and focused on customer service. They chose an open, airy space with lots of natural light and modern decor. After much thought, they developed a mission statement that was centered around client satisfaction, excellent customer service, and using only the highest quality products and services available. Their mission statement reads: "To provide our clients with the highest level of professional service in a vibrant and friendly environment. We strive to exceed expectations and provide personalized, quality service that focuses on individual needs and desires. We are committed to using the highest quality products and services, always with a focus on customer satisfaction." ​ They also want to offer a different work environment in our industry. The aim is to instill a sense of pride in their staff, knowing they are part of a vibrant and inspiring team who helps create beautiful hair for all clients. They strive to make every client experience nothing but the best with the highest quality of service and satisfaction. They offer luxury services, products and hair techniques along with a relaxing atmosphere. They strive to continue to develop and grow, making sure that all team members have a strong sense of respect and pride in their work Our mission for our salon team is to foster a collaborative and supportive culture that celebrates each team member’s growth and success. We will create a safe and inviting atmosphere for our clients and ensure their satisfaction with exceptional customer service and education. We strive to work together, to share knowledge and be better than we are today.

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