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How to Get Quality Color for Your Extensions at the Salon?

Updated: Jun 25

hair color and extensions

Hair extensions can be a fantastic way to add length, volume, and versatility to your hairstyle. However, achieving a seamless, natural look requires more than just installing the extensions. The color must match perfectly, blending with your natural hair to create a flawless finish. 

Here’s how to ensure you get quality color for your extensions at the salon.

Choose the Right Salon

Selecting the right salon is the first and most crucial step. Not all salons have the expertise in coloring extensions, so it’s essential to do your research. Look for specialized hair salons in both hair color and extensionsFor instance, if you’re in Beaumont, search for salons with good reviews, specifically mentioning their skills in hair coloring and extensions. Ensure that the stylists are experienced and trained in the latest coloring techniques.

Quality of Extensions

The quality of the hair extensions plays a significant role in the final color result. Human hair extensions can be colored just like your natural hair, while synthetic extensions require special dyes. Investing in high-quality human hair extensions allows for more flexibility and better color results. When you choose human hair, you can expect the color to be vibrant and long-lasting.

Color Matching Techniques

Professional salons use advanced color-matching techniques to ensure a seamless blend between your natural hair and extensions. Here are some methods they might employ:

  • A. Strand Testing

Before applying color to the entire extension, your stylist might perform a strand test. This involves coloring a small section of the extension to see how it absorbs the dye. This test helps in achieving the exact shade and prevents any surprises.

  • B. Custom Blending

Custom blending involves mixing different shades to create a perfect match. Your stylist may blend several colors to mimic the natural variations in your hair, ensuring that the extensions look natural and undetectable.

  • C. Balayage and Highlights

For a more dynamic and dimensional look, techniques like balayage and highlights can be used. These methods involve hand-painting or selectively coloring sections of the extensions to create a more natural appearance with depth and movement.

Professional Coloring Products

Using professional-grade coloring products is essential for achieving quality color. Salons specializing in hair color and extensions often use high-quality dyes that are gentle on the hair and provide vibrant, long-lasting results. These products are specifically formulated to work well with extensions, ensuring even color distribution and minimizing damage.

Maintenance and Aftercare

Maintaining the color of your extensions requires proper aftercare. Here are some tips to keep your extensions looking vibrant and fresh:

  • Use Color-Safe Products

Buy a shampoos and conditioners designed for color-treated hair. These products help in preserving the color and keeping the hair healthy.

  • Avoid Heat Damage

Excessive heat styling can fade the color and damage the extensions. Use heat protectant sprays and avoid high temperatures when using styling tools.

  • Regular Touch-Ups

Schedule regular touch-up appointments with your salon to maintain the color. Hair grows, and the color can fade over time, so periodic touch-ups ensure that your extensions remain looking their best.


Achieving quality color for your extensions at the salon involves of several factors. JT Hair Studio deeply values the significance of impeccable hair color in Beaumont for extensions. As a premier destination for hair transformations in Texas, proudly serving Beaumont and its surrounding areas, we boast a wealth of expertise in precision haircuts and vibrant coloring techniques. 

From initial consultations to final adjustments, choose JT Hair Studio for unparalleled color services!

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